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About Us

Hi, I'm Cindy of AraBella BritZ!

My love for animals started as far back as I can remember.  Me and my husband Glen and our children have always had Exotic Animals.

We have kept hundreds of different kinds of Reptiles, large and small Birds and for the past 7 years we have discovered a great love for CATS! 

Two breeds in particular,  Bengals and British Shorthairs.  The 2 are very opposite in natures.

We also love showing our cats at TICA shows in the South Central Region of the United States.

The keeping of so many cat's makes it definitely a family project.  It takes all hands on board.  It is also very expensive between buying the breeders, showing them and getting them titled, and buying all the necessities it takes to keep them healthy and happy.  Because of this and all the cost's with Vet care and tests, we ask that you do not try to negotiate with us on the price of the kittens.  Remember,  you get what you pay for.

We are located in Northwest Louisiana, right outside of Shreveport.  We are a small in home cattery and work very hard to keep it small.

Our kittens come to you well socialized and ready to join your family.  I keep the kittens from 12 weeks up to 16 weeks before letting them go to their new home.  It depends on the kittens, but I like to make sure they are mature and ready to leave.

I am here 24 hours a day for any problems or questions that might come up.  Please feel free to give me a call and ask questions and see if I can find your new Best Friend!